The Best Cosmetology Schools In The World


The Interesting Field of Cosmetology: Cosmetology covers a variety of beauty and skin disciplines. General to advanced cosmetology courses includes cosmetology sciences, skin care, local laws, properties of hair and scalp, shampooing, hairstyling, manicuring, hair coloring, pedicuring, artificial nails, hair cutting, chemical textures, and makeup. Cosmetology students are also trained to provide quality service to … [Read more…]

Top Cosmetic Products to Stay Away From


Today‚Äôs cosmetic industry is massively on the rise. We are relentlessly bombarded with ads, commercials, and cosmetic associates on a daily basis, promising to make you more beautiful. Modern society has built an obsession around beauty, and what defines it. Therefore, most people will do anything to meet the current standards heavily forced upon us … [Read more…]

12 Famous People Who Need a Makeover


Being rich and famous doesn’t mean they look their best. The celebrities listed below can afford to look fabulous…so what went wrong? Christina Aguilera. ( This singer seems to be trying too hard to look like anything but herself. Some shades of purple, black, and white combine well, even with gold–but not the shades seen … [Read more…]