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Ministry of Culture
The Ministry of Culture is the part of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia responsible for regulating those matters in the sphere of culture which are in the public interest. These include attending to the coordinated cultural development of Slovenia, protection of the cultural heritage, ensuring the plurality of the media landscape, providing suitable conditions for the creation, communication and accessibility of cultural assets, guaranteeing the special cultural rights of minorities, international cooperation in the sphere of culture and the promotion of culture at home and abroad.
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Slovenian Government-Information and resources on ethnic minorities in Slovenia
General information on nationalities within Slovenia
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Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia
Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia is the main producer and co-ordinator of carrying out programs of statistical surveys. In addition to linking and co-ordinating the statistical system, its most important tasks include international co-operation, determining methodological and classification standards, anticipating users' needs, collection, processing and dissemination of data, and taking care of data confidentiality.
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The Institute for Ethnic Studies
Public research institution in the field of ethnic studies, which investigates, in an interdisciplinary way, the following issues: the Slovene ethnic question, the status of Slovene ethnic communities in Italy, Austria and Hungary, the status of Slovenes in the successor states of the former Yugoslavia, the status of Slovene emigrants, of ethnic communities (national minorities and other ethnic groups) in Slovenia, the status of migrants in Slovenia, theory and methodology of the research of ethnic topics, and the forms of ethnic issue (ethnicity, nationalism) in Europe and worldwide.
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Information on Hungarian national minority in Slovenia
Not available
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Development Centre Lendava
The web page provides information about the Roma community in Prekmurje.
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Italian Community of Isola
Resources and information on Italian national minority in Slovenia
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Official Website of the city of Koper/Cposdistria
Official Website of the city of Koper/Cposdistria
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Roma Association in Slovenia
Provides exhaustive information about the community, current events, news related to the Roma minority, policies regarding the Roma community, information about available training and publications. It provides also a presentation of the Roma Information Center in Slovenia.
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